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Register your image as copyright and set your minimum rate

In our world today cameras are everywhere and you are constantly at risk of having your image or likeness stolen and used for commercial or unauthorized purposes.

By registering here you can set the rate that you must be paid when your image is used in print, online, or media forms.

Buy the hat and wear it in in public to let everyone, who might want to take a photo or video with you in the background or the foreground, that your image is only available for purchase.

You register yourself in our database and set your rate on a per use basis and then anyone public or private using your image must pay you for it's use. When you are in public people have the right to take pictures with oyu in the background unless you show your copyright symbol on your person. Buy doing so you are letting everyone know that your image is off limits or available on a pay per use basis only.

Don't let people or companies steal your likeness anymore.

Register now and buy your hat today.

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How to find someone's rate?

Request rates from our database: Database inquiries are $5 Dollars per search per person.