Ballistichydrant multi-media, art, and charity was created by Paul Morgan. Our goal is to investigate real people in an artistic format with the intention of improving lives while re-imagining art and imagery. People are amazing so we aim to illuminate obscurity and share amazing moments with our followers. 

Our charity provides; clothes, food, seeds, books, education and scholarships to poor communities in SE Asia

The following words have always made an impression on me and I believe they describe the work we do very well. The universe has been conspiring for billions of years to create this moment. These are our moments, the creations of this universe frozen in an image that hopefully moves you in some way or helps you to see the world and its peoples in a new way. 

I love to photograph people especially in non repeatable moments. Catching the real, the emotion, the visceral nature of life and our experience. I hope you can find one image in our collection that touches you even after you've closed your eyes.

We ship everywhere in the world. US shipments should arrive in a few days and international shipments should arrive in a couple weeks usually .

Director and Creator:

Paul Morgan

Contributors Artists:

Paul Morgan, Dan Kelly, Jason Rob, Derek McGuinness, Deker Mor, Jamey Seymor

Our prints are all limited to a maximum of ten prints and will all appreciate in value over time. What we are doing is incredibly rare because it is hard. Living the live we live traveling around the poorest parts of Asia is rich in cultural experience but it is not glamorous and it can be extremely challenging at times. We have see some very dark things and each of us has experienced periling near death experiences while capturing these images. We pay out 16% to our subjects, 20% to our photographers, 20% to our charity which distributes funds, and materials for life to the people we encounter along the way and 20% is held in retained earnings so we can continue what we do. The rest goes to taxes. We are always looking for new photographers to partner with and collaborate with. If you have content you think fits with what we are doing please reach out.

Contact :


ig: @ballistichydrant


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