The Global Benefit of Donald Trump's Presidency

The unexpected benefit of a Donald Trump presidency.

As a world traveler I get to interact with people and cultures on a daily basis and get to see in a real way the impacts of local and international policy on local cultures and individuals all over the world. Well all over Asia anyway. I haven't been to Europe for almost 2 decades. something that happens in the global community of policy creation that had been prevalent for a long time in the developing world was, small developing countries would follow the US's lead on policy creation. Especially when it came to policies that were easy to implement, and good for the individuals and groups in charge of the governments but not necessarily good for the people, or the country long term. When I would be travelling around to lots of developing countries I could see that they had implemented some really bad infrastructure policy or some policy that was terrible for the environment etc, etc... You get the idea. So in the past I would often ask people in these developing nations why on earth they would create or allow their governments to create such stupid, destructive or irresponsible policy. In many many cases the answer was, "well, that's what they do in America". And in many cases that was in fact true. We all know America isn't super famous for making altruistic policy or even responsible policy.

Since Trump took office I have been to five countries in Asia. All of which I have been to many times before and all of which have in the past implemented shitty stupid policy because they were following the policy made in america. And, since Trump took office I have seen governments in these same developing nations make good policy, responsible policy, policy that is good for the people who elected them and policy that is good long term for the economy, the people and the environment. And when I ask people why they aren't following the lead of America's bass ackward policy they reply with varying levels of disgust, Trump is an idiot, aren't you embarrassed by him, obviously we aren't going to follow any of the policy ideas implemented under his presidency.

So, the great thing about Trump is that governments around the world are not looking to America for policy leadership anymore and are thinking for themselves.

I realize this article is way out of place here. But I thought it was an interesting observation that was worth sharing.

Hooray Trump.

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