This Month Featuring Paul Morgan at his moodiest

Paul was born in Ireland and grew up in the US. He studied photography in San Francisco and lived in China for 10 years. He has been capturing images for over 30 years. Paul only shoots prime and encourages young photographers to use film cameras with prime lenses as much as possible in the early years of learning. He believes that using cropped sensor cameras as a student will disrupt the learning process and give students a warped idea of how cameras are meant to work. "Images are always best with Prime on at least 35mm full frame or film cameras". Paul also believes that living in these times allows us to rent equipment so we can learn what best suits our shooting style. Paul's favorite lenses is 50mm 1.2 or wider. The reason for his love of these lenses is because when shooting people with a 50mm you need to get very close to your subject which means you must interact with them. There is no sneaking a quick pic with a 50mm. Paul says that these experiences of meeting new people and shooting them has been some of the richest experiences in photography and life. In the studio Paul prefers 85mm 1.2 because these lenses produce the sharpest and dreamiest portraits of any lenses.  Some other aspects of shooting that Paul also loves are as he says, "shooting with film is always a mystery and as a result much more interesting". When shooting film you can guess what your shot will be like and the more film you shoot the better you get at predicting and controlling the outcome, but the truth is film has personality and you never really know what you are going to get. Also when shooting film you have a limited number of shots so you spend more time composing to ensure you get the shot right in camera because post is mush different with film as well.  The featured photos below are all described by Paul as moody. The last one on this page is of a different style and is a shot included here for his father, an old salty westcoast fisherman.