A few photographers doing our best to make a difference in the lives of some great people in the poorest parts of Asia.

The following words have always made an impression on me and I believe they describe the work I do very well. The universe has been conspiring for billions of years to create this moment, every moment. These are my photos, these moments the creations of this universe frozen in an image that hopefully makes you feel. 

I take pictures of stuff that makes me feel ,   

I like to photograph people especially and in non repeatable moments. Catching the real, the emotion, the visceral nature of life and our experience. I hope you can find one image in my collection that touches you even after you've closed your eyes and looked away.

We ship everywhere in the world. US shipments should arrive in a few days and international shipments should arrive in a couple weeks usually .

Director and Creator:

Paul Morgan

Contributors Artists:

Paul Morgan

Dan Kelly

Jason Rob

Derek McGuinness

Deker Mor

Contact :


ig: @ballistichydrant


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